I have too many MCAs! What should I do!?

Every business owner has a reason as to why they needed to borrow a cash advance in the first place. Whether it be to pay off some bills, expand, use for payroll etc, but no one expects to get into a cycle of borrowing more and more expensive money. 

Business owners can get caught in the trap of borrowing more and more MCAs because of one simple reason. The reason this happens is because cash flow gets too tight to sustain business expenses AND the fast paced payments of the original advances. 

This cycle of borrowing money to satisfy current debt payments is similar to maxing out your credit cards and then trying to get more credit cards to cover the cash crunch because of your current credit card payments.

We have met business owners that have 2 to even 10 MCAs at once. A reverse consolidation can work for any business with 2 or more MCAs.

This client’s debt schedule shows over $174,000 in debt with a combined weekly payment of over $5,700. We were able to provide a reverse consolidation that pumped in money on a weekly basis to cover the current MCA payments. The new payment was set at $2,300, thereby giving a cash flow discount of 60%...all while helping the client NOT default on their debts.

Debt Schedule

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